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Vital's Close Call Reporting: Simplifying Safety, Ensuring Accountability

At Vital, safety is not just a commitment; it's a continuous process of improvement. Recognising the importance of timely and effective incident reporting, we have developed a comprehensive Close Call Reporting system. Our aim is to make reporting simpler, more accessible, and a fundamental part of our safety culture.

Multiple Reporting Channels To ensure our clients and staff have seamless options, we've implemented a Close Call reporting app, a dedicated website, and a reporting phoneline. These multiple channels provide flexibility for everyone involved, allowing incidents to be reported promptly and efficiently.

Streamlined Reporting with the Close Call App The Close Call reporting app takes simplicity to the next level. With one onscreen form, anyone can provide basic details and a description of the incident or hazard. The option to include photos further enhances the clarity of the reported situation. Once submitted, the report is swiftly disseminated to the health and safety teams across the Group and the relevant operational directors.

Ensuring Inclusive Reporting Previously, reporting close calls required logging onto a website or finding a phone signal. Acknowledging potential barriers, we've simplified the process, ensuring that anyone can easily report an incident on-site. Gareth Morris, HSQE director for Morson, emphasises that this approach encourages broader reporting, capturing incidents that might have been missed before.

Key to Reducing and Eliminating Accidents Reporting close calls, whether unsafe situations, actions, or behaviours, is a crucial step in preventing accidents at work. Accurate and regular reporting ensures that potential hazards are addressed promptly, fostering a workplace where everyone can work safely and return home without incident.

A Continuous Commitment to Safety At Vital, our commitment to safety goes beyond rhetoric. The Close Call Reporting system reflects our dedication to creating a culture where every individual plays a role in maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Because, for us, any accident at work is not acceptable.

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