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Rail Projects

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The Projects division of Vital Human Resources Ltd is a major support services provider working in partnership with works delivery, building a future for the UK rail infrastructure. Vital Rail Projects has an experienced management team which has worked on some of the UK’s most high-profile projects.

Working alongside the Vital Contingent Labour division, Vital Rail Projects have access to more than 2,000 sponsored staff, supported by 300 vehicles, under the supervision of our dedicated HSQE and support services teams.
We deliver work packages as a principal or subcontractor. Services include:
  • Developing, planning and delivery

  • Survey and design

  • Supporting, management, and engineering compliance

  • Supply of skilled railway personnel

  • Welding

Planning and Delivery
  • End to end programming of delivery (Adherence to DWWP protocol, GRIP / GRIP4Track)

  • Project reporting; real time / detailed project updates

  • Experienced track renewal team – management, supervisory staff, engineering team and welding

Survey and Design
  • P-Way, topographic survey and design packages

  • CRE duties

  • IDC/IDR adherence and compliance

Maintenance needs

Vital Rail Projects service maintenance needs of key clients, on support and distribution of P-Way maintenance based activities, inclusive of planning and hand back duties.

  • Refurbish (Maintain)

  • S and C refurbishment

  • Spot re-sleeper

  • Re-padding

  • Wet-bed rectification

  • Re-railing / welding / stressing

Small to medium renewal projects

Vital Rail Projects offer developing, planning and delivering small to medium renewal projects, through design, construction and handback.  Including survey and design, planning and management of access and engineering haulage, through clients asset management plan protocol.

  • Renew (GRIP phased construction)

  • P-Way, drainage survey and design

  • Re-rail / re-sleeper / re-ballast

  • UTX installation

  • IBJ installation / recovery

Support, Management and Engineering services

Vital Rail Projects offer a range of supporting, management, and engineering compliance services, including; S&T installation, SMTH and SWTH testing, P-Way and S&T CRE duties, track monitoring, track hand back and engineering support services for setting out, excavation control, tamping and stressing.

  • Support services

  • CRE services

  • S&T testing and commissioning

  • Critical rail temperature management

  • Track monitoring, planning and delivering

  • Level crossing removal / installation

  • P-Way engineering / supervision / hand back

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