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Access Points Alliance

One Alliance. Four Partners.
One Stop Shop for your Access Point Solutions.

The Access Point Alliance is made up of 4 partner companies: High Motive, MacRail, Selectequip and Vital.

We are chaired by Steve Featherstone who hand picked the partner companies as we are the best in our fields with the aim of creating a one stop shop for access point services.

High Motive supply radio systems, voice recording of safety critical communications, det comm, MyZone, RPE, low carbon mobile cabins, mobile welfare units, MEWU and various Covid safety solutions.

MacRail supply site access controllers, low carbon mobile command and control vehicles, 24/7 control room, access control software, fatigue management solutions, rostering solutions software, site access design and site access logistics.

Selectequip supply a vast range of rail approved products and innovative solutions, including PPE, signage, storage solutions, LED lighting, MEWU, Access Point Lighting, welfare products and more.

Vital supply skilled frontline resources with full national coverage.

Between the 4 partner companies we can provide a menu of services covering prep shifts, follow up shifts and core shifts from 1 shift to 12 weeks.

Our aim is to allow the Principal Contractor to concentrate on the delivery of the core work whilst we concentrate on the logistics and support arrangements at the access point. By identifying synergies and scale efficiencies we can not only increase the professional standards at the access point but we can importantly also reduce costs for our clients.

Recognising the commitment of the railway to move towards zero carbon worksites, we will provide zero carbon access point solutions to the supply chain. When our work is completed we will leave behind a legacy to the railway of safe and secure access points with signage boards to help trackworkers in the future.