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Case Study - Projects: Network Rail Works Delivery

Client Name: Network Rail Works Delivery
Division: Projects
Location: Inverness

Project Overview

This was was a multi-discipline venture which included the installation of a new infirmary line within the Needlefield Yard area and BV turnout, which linked the lines adjacent to the renewal. A safe walking route was also installed along with lighting and access and egress stairs. Disciplines included in this project where:

  • Signalling

  • Telecoms

  • Civils

  • P-Way Delivery

    Scope of Works

  • Removal of vegetation and scrap out old redundant track and trough routes.

  • Create adequate formation for new infirmary line and safe walking route.

  • Installation of safe walking route totalling 150 meters.

  • Installation of over 400 meters of new troughing routes.

  • Installation of wall mounted and bollard lighting for safe walking route.

  • Installation of new telecoms and signalling cables, along with trackside kiosk.

  • Installation of new infirmary line with BV turnout.

This was a multifaceted task during unprecedented times, Vital Projects worked in close collaboration with:

  • Network Rail Works Delivery

  • Thales (telecoms)

  • Forty (E&P)

to ensure this package was delivered successfully on time and in line with all Covid-19 restrictions.

Efficiency of Design and Delivery

To ensure minimum impact and disruption at The Network Rail WD depot communication and detailed planning where key. To achieve this Vital Projects planning team engaged in weekly Microsoft Teams meetings with the Network Rail Project Management team to discuss program for:

  • Timeline

  • Compound location and set up.

  • Material requirements and acquisition.

  • Deliveries and laydown areas.

  • Large Plant requirements.

  • Design technical queries.

  • Sub-contractors.

The use of Microsoft Teams dramatically reduced the need for face-to-face meetings and thus minimised potential exposure to covid-19 which could have dramatically affected the timeline.

“The successful completion of this project is a great example of the collaborative working between Works Delivery Track and Vital Projects, with the planning and delivering this critical new connection and associated facets against the backdrop of various restrictions across society due to COVID-19 a real collective achievement. A massive thanks to the Vital Projects team for their work and determination in getting this one over the line.”

-Blair Cockburn, Scheme Project Manager, Network Rail Works Delivery

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