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Case Study - Promoting a Safety First Culture Reaps Rewards

Promoting a Safety First Culture Reaps Rewards

Since 2009 we have been a tier one supplier of contingent labour to Network Rail and were successfully chosen to be one of only 4 Primary Suppliers when, in 2015, Network Rail reduced their preferred supplier list for contingent labour from 125 to 4. Moreover, upon contract award, we were delighted to have been chosen as a Primary Supplier for contingent labour to the most routes, these being:

  • North Western Route (London Euston to Cumbria),

  • London North Eastern Route (South – Secondary in LNE North)

  • London North Eastern Route (London Kings Cross to Carlisle),

  • Scotland

The supply of labour for this contract for all key routes has been managed via our 12 operational branches and their regional resourcing teams distribute

throughout the UK. We currently deploy c. 700 staff daily.

As with all our contracts, over the duration of this contract, safety remains our fundamental focus. This is underpinned by regular safety tours, joint safety inspections and collated feedback, which is provided via a combination of forums and ad-hoc information.

Specifically, for this contract we appointed two additional safety advisors who perform safety tours and inspections across all the routes. In addition, we operate a 24 x 365 callout procedure, covering all elements of the contract, including HSQE, fleet, operations, and on-site medical advice with the option for a director escalation procedure at all times.

A notable achievement during our mobilisation, post-contract award, involved rapidly opening strategically placed offices to support the requirements of the Routes. Within the first month, the number of sponsored staff based in our LNW South office rose to 76 which allowed us to fully support Network Rail’s immediate labour needs with no disruption to their programme.


“In summary a very mature and well run business with a real handle on the planning and safe delivery of their service, supported by some excellent management systems and processes.”

Lee Green , Key Advisor, Network Rail