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Case Study - Rail: Atkins Transportation (Atkins)

Client Name: Atkins Transportation (Atkins)
Division: Rail
Start and End Date: July 2020 – July 2023

Project Overview

In July 2020 Vital Human Resources were awarded a 3-year framework contract as the Managed Services Provider (MSP) for all blue-collar frontline labour to Atkins.

As the MSP provider, Vital are accountable for resourcing all re-signalling works projects which covers the provision of all Track, Safety Critical, Civils, semi-professional grades, Signalling and Telecoms (S&T) and Electrification and Power (E&P).

Achievements included:

• 180 workers deployed nationally each week (on average).

• 203 workers supplied weekly at peak.

• 1 dedicated account manager supported by 13 delivery units (DUs)

• Vital have stakeholder management across all Atkins projects nationwide.

• Face-to-face safety briefings conducted utilising the Vital Safety and Wellbeing vehicles.

Atkins have significant requirements for ad-hoc labour (i.e. emergency works) under 24 hours’ notice and despite this challenging factor, Vital are meeting 100% of all requirements. This is managed using:

Vital have a knowledgeable team with the experience and understanding of the specific resource requirement and how they should be resourced and managed with no risk to Atkins.

• Executive team has average tenure of 15 years’ experience with the organisation and resource managers with 10 year+ ensuring we understand the challenges faced by Atkins.

• Our team sit on various national committees and steering groups such as the Track Safety Alliance and Rail Contractors Alliance ensuring industry leading initiatives are employed for this contract

• Professional heads of departments ensure compliance to latest NR Group standards and technical instructions in areas such as signalling, track and E&P.

Vital manage the delivery of the contract for Atkins through our tailored, fully automated, IT solution called ‘Peoplesoft’. Peoplesoft is a customisable rail rostering, planning and fatigue management tool with twice daily Sentinel downloads and an embedded HSE algorithm to ensure we conform to the required fatigue standards.

Vital’s full time Account Manager is based at the Atkins office. This has enabled us to have a greater understanding of Atkins requirements and assist them with future resource planning. This has resulted in Vital providing excellent customer service and exceeding our service level agreements/KPI’s.

Areas Served

Atkins ad-hoc requirements vary in nature and are nationwide. As the successful delivery partner, we provide local resource managers operating from 13 DUs and sponsor 2608 workers, 87.15% of them are primary sponsored and 83% of these workers have had more than 5 years tenure with Vital resulting in a very experienced, reliable, and loyal workforce. This has been fundamental to our successful delivery of this contract.

Added Value

As a first-generation MSP (also known as Principal Vendor), this service replaced a PSL solution for Atkins that had been in operation for some time.

Following the successful implementation, we have surpassed all expectations, filling 100% shifts and guaranteeing safe and compliant workers whilst providing cost savings through invoice consolidation, pay rate management and management of time.