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Case Study - Solutions: Balfour Beatty

Client Name: Balfour Beatty Rail
Division: Solutions
Location: National Supply

Project Overview
OLE Labour contingent Supplier and Isolation Provider to Balfour Beatty

Scope of works

In April 2010 Vital Human Resources were awarded a framework to supply E&P (OLE) workers to Balfour Beatty Rail (BBR) on the following projects;

  • Crossrail West

  • Thameslink

  • North West Electrification

  • Great Western Electrification in Newport, South Wales

  • Central Rail Systems Alliance. 

Services Provided

Ad hoc labour requirements to several BBR projects. We are supplying OLE isolations and construction staff. These include:

  • OLE isolations – Nominated persons, authorised persons, earthing assistants.

  • OLE construction – OLEC 2, 3 and 4.

  • OLE supervisory and management.

  • Supplied over 2 million hours in the last 5 years.

  • Sentinel verified database of 2806 operatives (98.8% primary sponsored).

  • More than 180 operatives deployed nationally each week (on average).

  • Peak operatives supplied 301 on the Western Route.

  • Vital fleet with over 400 vehicles

  • One account manager supported by 13 Vital offices

  • Interacted with all BBR stakeholders covering every project nationwide

  • Face to face safety briefings conducted in the Vital safety and wellbeing vehicles


"I hope you are all as proud as I am of what you have delivered - sometimes it is easy to forget just how much we have achieved. There will, I'm sure, be many congratulatory emails - you all deserve every bit of credit going"

Chris Ottley, Project Director, Balfour Beatty Rail

"Please accept my appreciation and gratitude in the efforts your team have given us to help achieve such a successful project. We could not have achieved such a massive commissioning without your continued support and commitment."

OLE Resource Manager, Balfour Beatty Rail